Martinsville Speedway Recognizes Billy Moore

Billy Moore is recoginzed for 33 years at Martinsville Speedway

The year was 1982. Michael Jackson’s album Thriller was released, E.T. was the box office smash, and Billy Moore came to Martinsville Speedway for his first day on the job.

Thirty-three years later, the track’s maintenance facility has been renamed the “Billy Moore Maintenance Facility” in his honor. 

“Billy Moore’s service and dedication to Martinsville Speedway for the past 33 years is truly amazing,” Martinsville Speedway President Clay Campbell said. “I don’t think I’ve ever met a man so caring, honest and hardworking. He has been such an integral part of the Speedway family and has played a huge role in our success.

“When fans come onto our property and see the place looking so good, I can guarantee Billy Moore had a hand in it.”

Prior to starting work at the racetrack, Moore worked part-time at a motorcycle repair shop in Danville, Va.

“I came up here and talked to (Martinsville Speedway founder) Mr. Earles and he said I could work part-time or full-time,” Moore, now the track superintendent, said. “I thought ‘well, I’m already working part-time, so a full-time job would be great.’”

Moore went to college for Business Management, but said an office job wasn’t for him.

“After school I got in with a guy who had loaders and stuff like that and I started using some of the equipment and gradually got to where I enjoyed the outdoors,” he said. “Then I had several jobs where I was running backhoes and front-end loaders and things like that.”

While the track remains the same, the facility has grown considerably since Moore came to work for the first-time.

“Back then, whoever was at the track actually did the work,” Moore said. “Now that it’s so large, you have to have contractors that come in here to do a lot of the work.

“You’ve  got to be getting ready all year for the race,” Moore said. “Years ago, when you got through race weekend, you didn’t have as much going on, but now it’s something every day.”

The unassuming Moore has become a role-model for most everyone he comes across. Never one to have a cross word with anybody, track employees strive to emulate his work-ethic and character.

“Billy is the person I want to be,” Martinsville Speedway Vice President of Operations Matt Brannock said. “I’ve never heard him utter a curse word and never heard him complain.”

Moore said he just wants to live by the “golden rule”.

“I just want to treat other folks the way I want to be treated,” he said. “I want to be honest with everybody and do the best I can do.”

And now, 33 years after his first day on the job, he said he can’t think of anywhere he’d rather be.

“I was just thinking about if I hadn’t gotten the job over here. I don’t know of another job that’s as interesting,” he said. “I’m thankful.”

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