• The Whelen Modified Tour will return to Martnsville Speedway on May 8, 2020
    NASCAR Whelen Modified Tour Returns to Martinsville Speedway in 2020
    Modified Tour, which was a fixture at Martinsville for decades, will run the Maxpro Window Films 200 as part of the spring race weekend.
  • The Virginia Triple Crown will now pay first, second and third.
    Virginia Triple Crown To Pay For First, Second and Third
    The $10,000 bonus will be distributed $7,000, $2,000 and $1,000 among drivers with the best average finishing positions at South Boston, Langley and Martinsville.
  • The Worx and Chairmen of the Board will play Celebration 2019.
    Bands are Set for Celebration 2019 at Martinsville Speedway
    The Worx and Chairmen of the Board will both provide the music at the annual July 4 event.